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Choosing the right car wash provider isn’t as easy as one might think. As a car dealership owner, you have plenty of costly inventory at stake. This is why it’s important to do your research and find a renowned and reliable manufacturer. Cars are of high value, and you need to make the right decision to protect your investment. The care and maintenance of your vehicles can directly affect their value retention and performance. Here are some tips to help you select the right car was manufacturer: Continue reading “Critical Components for Selecting the Best Car Wash Manufacturer”

With the growing client needs, car wash solutions are also soaring in popularity in Illinois. Brite-O-Matic is a leader car wash system provider that offers top-of-the-line services and above industry-standard systems. If you’re looking to improve customer experience and boost profits, then this is the company to choose. Here’s why: Continue reading “3 Reasons to Choose Brite-O-Matic’s Car Wash System for Your Dealership”

Car wash systems have come a long way since their introduction in the early 20th century. Cleaning cars is a time-consuming but necessary task for both car owners and auto detailers. Today, you can find different types of car wash systems specially designed to cater to specific vehicle needs and budget requirements. As with any business, the better the service, the more customers you can expect to attract.


Modern car washing systems include mobile car washes, touchless automatic washes, and conventional automatic car washes. These systems vary in their features and prices depending on their quality and technology. Read on to find more about these modern car washing systems.


1.     Mobile Car Wash System

A mobile car wash system is an excellent alternative to the traditional stationary car wash.

It is a great way to increase the profits of your car wash business. Professionals bring their washing equipment and wash vehicles anywhere, as needed you want.


A mobile car wash machine allows you to operate your business close to potential customers instead of having it in one place. Customers will get access to quality car washing services from their home or office itself. It’s more profitable for you and our customers, who don’t have to waste time traveling and waiting in queues.


2.     Conventional Automatic Car Wash System

Conventional car washing systems are a great innovation in the automotive industry. The facility was first introduced in the 1940s, and they’ve been improving ever since. A conventional automatic car wash system is a single or multi-bay car wash that uses a mobile, electrically operated undercarriage with brushes and spray jets to clean the vehicle. It’s self-service so it can be used at your convenience.


These systems are typically utilized for smaller bays in a multi-bay facility, though larger systems are also available. The automated aspect of these washes makes it easier for you to keep up with daily operations, providing hassle-free and efficient cleaning services.


3.     Touchless Automatic Car Wash System

Touchless car wash systems are one of the most recent innovations in the world of automotive care. The technology has been available for quite some time, and it’s just becoming more widespread. This new system allows customers to drive right into a bay to choose to have their vehicle washed automatically.


Touchless automatic car washing is a simple but effective concept. It cleans your vehicle without actually touching it to save you time and money. Also, these systems are not messy like conventional ways of washing cars.



A black car undergoing automatic car washing services


From the days of hand-painted designs and bucket baths to todays fully automated touch-free systems and pop-up car washes, washing your car has become a much more convenient task. If you’re looking for high-quality car washing systems for your business, then we’ve got the best place for you.


Brite-O-Matic, a specialty car wash manufacturer and service provider cateringto car dealers in Illinois, offers a wide variety of car wash equipment and accessories. We provide premium car wash services at affordable rates to our customers. Call us at (800) 323-0577 or contact us through our website.


a car after getting washed.

A car wash business can be an excellent way to earn a steady stream of revenue without extensive training or heavy investments. If you’re someone who loves cars and have always dreamt of starting a car wash business, you’re in luck! Our experts have listed down some of the most important things to consider when starting your business, to ensure success.

Begin With a Solid Business Plan

Whether you’ve worked at a car wash before or not, it’s important to start from scratch and develop a brand new business plan. Visit different car washes around your area to explore ideas and options that might work for you. This will keep you updated with the latest technologies and trends. Understand the kind of services they offer, and focus on how your business will be different and one that customers choose over the rest. Take some time to read up on the latest business publications, so you have a fair idea about the materials and equipment needed.

Make a Smart Investment

The car wash industry is constantly developing, which allows you to stay in line with customer expectations. Customers are on the lookout for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly options, so finding a system that complies with the following gives you that edge. We’ve got a collection of the best industry-standard car wash systems that have been chosen by several car dealers in the area. Our sensor control is unmatched, ensuring vehicle safety during each cycle.

a red car getting washed.

Consider a Prime Location

No matter how great your system might be or how affordable your rates are, a car wash located miles away from the city center won’t do you any good. Choosing the right location can transform your business and generate more customers like no other. Shopping centers, residential areas, or any high traffic areas are prime. Don’t forget to put up signs around to direct customers to your location.

Try a New Marketing Strategy

With the technological evolution, the internet has opened up new and wider realms for marketing. Market your services on different social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to direct more traffic. These platforms are also great for offering coupons, deals, and other promotions.

Automatic Car Wash System in Illinois

At Brite-O-Matic, we manufacture top-quality, industry-standard car wash systems for car dealers across Illinois. We also offer a wide variety of car wash equipment and accessories. Get in touch with us today!