3 Reasons to Choose Brite-O-Matic’s Car Wash System for Your Dealership

With the growing client needs, car wash solutions are also soaring in popularity in Illinois. Brite-O-Matic is a leader car wash system provider that offers top-of-the-line services and above industry-standard systems. If you’re looking to improve customer experience and boost profits, then this is the company to choose. Here’s why:

1.  Lifetime Parts and Service Warranty

You don’t need to worry about any hidden or unexpected costs with Brite-O-Matic. We offer a one-time all-inclusive cost. This means you can carry our services without any hassle ensuring maximum revue. We constantly improve our systems to enhance our wash systems’ quality, reliability, and safety. Our system includes technology closed cell foam brushes that are combined with multiple sensor controls and formulated shampoos. Every car wash system has the option to add the Rapid Gleam® spot-free rinse system. This helps purify the water and also recycles it for added water cost savings.


a car after getting washed.


2.  Routinely Wash Renewal

You don’t need to worry about dealing with old equipment and technology. At Brite-O-Matic, we renew and place our customer’s wash to boost productivity and decrease downtime. This ensures that all washes will be carried out with the same level of quality and efficiency. Customers know they can trust your car wash services for a squeaky clean look every single time.

3.  Increased Flexibility

While one feature might be needed, right not, in a few years, something new may come around. You don’t need to stick to old equipment but can simply change them based on your needs. You also don’t need to purchase, order, and store chemicals as our systems are designed with a unique in-built feature. With our systems, you can rest assured your inventory will always look and feel its best. Customers will be attracted to the latest models and be impressed with the condition of old vehicles as well. In addition, if you open these systems for public use, this will act as an added attraction.


If you’re looking for reliable and top-quality car washing systems for your car dealership, there’s no better place than Brite-O-Matic. We’re a specialty car wash manufacturer and service provider that caters to to car dealers in Illinois. We also offer a wide variety of car wash equipment and accessories at affordable rates to our customers. Call us at (800) 323-0577 or contact us through our website.