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Innovation & Implementation

We are not only a car wash consultant. What sets Brite-O-Matic Mfg. Inc. apart is not only our ability to make continuous modifications in the design of car wash systems built to adapt to the ever changing needs of the new car dealer; but that they are also backed by good old-fashioned customer service provided by dedicated employees in a prompt and professional manner.

Regardless of whether you are a new car dealer or an individual planning to run a successful car wash; we can help you in assembling a profitable car wash business.

Other than the onsite analysis, car wash equipment and other technicalities for a new car wash facility, we can help our clients in assisting with better business model and planning, income and expense calculation, costing and maintenance.

As a good car wash consultant, we love feedbacks from our clients. Our unique wash programs have been designed through feedback from new car dealers. They provide a combination of minimal risk with maximum value and protection.

To keep running a healthy and smooth car wash business, we will help you in prioritizing the things that will be a factor in building a profitable car wash business. This includes water management system,  car wash equipment selection etc.

We have been pioneers in our industry, creating and sharing new marketing ideas for the car wash, designed to build increased customer loyalty and capture the greatest financial rewards.


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Car wash for new car dealers

There is a huge effort involved for new car dealers in planning, pre development, development and construction process of a new car wash facility. To avoid costly mistakes, our expert car wash consultant will assist you in catching those costly mistakes before they actually happen. Looking at those mistakes sooner than up as soon as possible is constantly liked.

We can provide organizational assistance If you are planning to have a multi site startup. Multi-site startups require huge measure of planning, man power, equipment and training. We help new car wash dealers in planning, recruitment, training, and development of key personnel. This includes multi-site operations and professional back office support.

What We Offer to our new car dealers:

  • Business and operational plans
  • Initial site plan analysis and layout
  • Analysis of sites for proposed car wash facility
  • How to monitor & control costing
  • How to evaluate & Sell Extra and Express Services (Make it profitable)
  • How to build a car wash
  • How to determine the car wash service
  • Site selection for new car wash
  • Expert advises on car wash business

5.2D Automatic Car Wash Series

CV Professional Wash Series

Designed Specifically for the new car dealer, for back out or drive thru wash bays, providing top quality wash results.   

Designed specifically for the new car dealer, for back out or drive-thru bays with limited length providing top quality wash results.

A popular choice for the new car dealers, providing top-quality wash and drying results on the same wash system.   

Operator controlled washes for the ultimate in wash quality.    

Customer Testimonials


  • We’re dependable-service performance put in writing
  • We’re Trusted-longevity with employees and longevity with customers
  • We’re Focused-Equipment and programs designed specifically for the new car dealer.
  • We’re Hands on- Sales and service employees dedicated to your satisfaction.