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Car Washes Built Specifically for the New Car Dealer

Innovation & Implementation

Welcome to Brite-O-Matic! We sell, manufacture, and service the best performing car washes designed for today’s new car dealership needs.

Brite-O-Matic is a market leader in providing a variety of vehicle wash equipment options capable of producing on a high demand basis . Brite-O-Matic car washes are designed to be safe and reliable while providing top quality wash results and limiting water and chemical usages.

We have been pioneers in our industry, creating and sharing new marketing ideas for the car wash, helping new car dealers capture the greatest financial rewards with higher CSI ratings.

Evaluating Car Wash Needs at Your Dealership

Often car wash volume demands exceed the ability and budget to satisfy getting all the vehicles washed without car wash equipment. This is one initial opportunity to consider car wash equipment and services.

We can help in the deeper dive into evaluating your car wash needs by sharing over 50 years experience working exclusively with new car dealers. Considerations should include more than the wash bay space requirement, and utilities to be supplied and price. Taking the time to do it right the first time should not be overlooked.


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Car Wash For New Car Dealers

We provide special car wash services to new car dealers. But if you are a new car dealer and having investment in hand or planning to invest in car wash business then our expert car wash consultants can help you in building and running a profitable car wash business.

We love feedback from our clients. Our unique wash programs have been designed through feedback from new car dealers. They provide a combination of minimal risk with maximum value and protection.

We proudly say that we sell best car wash technology with optimum washing results and repeating customers.

5.2D Automatic Car Wash Series

CV Professional Wash Series

Designed Specifically for the new car dealer, for back out or drive thru wash bays, providing top quality wash results.   

Designed specifically for the new car dealer, for back out or drive-thru bays with limited length providing top quality wash results.

A popular choice for the new car dealers, providing top-quality wash and drying results on the same wash system.   

Operator controlled washes for the ultimate in wash quality.    

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