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Dealership Car wash

Innovation & Implementation

Welcome to Briteomatic! We sell, manufacture and service the market’s best dealership car wash.

Briteomatic is a global market leader in vehicle washing. More than hundred thousand vehicles are washed every day in a Briteomatic car wash. Briteomatic car wash is designed and made for car dealers by keeping their needs in focus.

We have been pioneers in our industry, creating and sharing new marketing ideas for the car wash, designed to build increased customer loyalty and capture the greatest financial rewards. By offering carwash services, auto dealers can take their businesses to the next level.

How to determine if auto dealership needs carwash service?

When the volume of daily washes is so large that the hand wash cannot work, or when the volume of your car wash is so large that your labor costs are higher than your monthly equipment fee, it’s time to consider buying an automatic car wash system.

After you decide that an automatic car wash is a necessary investment for the business, the next consideration is the type of car wash system to buy. We recommend buying an automatic or semi-automatic car wash systems designed specifically to fulfill the needs of car dealers.

Keep in mind that some systems will still require work as they will not wash the car completely. And, if the system does not include a vehicle drying equipment, then you will have to manually dry the car for at least 10 minutes.

Benefits of dealership car wash

When trying to sell a car, you must make sure that it is clean and in the best possible way. We have the solution for all of your car wash needs. Car dealerships having a carwash service could be a profit center on its own. With our dealership car wash program, you can rest easy knowing that you will have access to an automatic car wash in the city.

Investment in a car wash dealership is profitable. Briteomatic specializes in servicing vehicle dealerships and is serving the automotive industry since 1966. The provision of dealerships car wash services can not only satisfy customers, while reducing costs and expenses, but can also increase profits. Car dealerships can take advantage of car wash services even commercial car washes can be located nearby.

If you are in auto dealership with many years in the industry, then car wash services at your car dealership will for sure benefit you in many ways:

  1. Providing free washes with service for existing customers, which contributes to higher brand reputation.
  2. Providing discount car washes to the new car dealers, which, in return, brings money.
  3. Offering full-service auto laundry to the general public will provide even more benefits.
  4. Optimal washing results and satisfied customers who come back.
  5. Avoid the stricter rules regarding washing water management.
  6. Reduces labor requirements.
  7. Moreover, an offer from this additional profit center can even lead a car wash client to a car dealership to buy a new car.


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Car wash For New Car Dealers

We provide special car wash services to new car dealers. But if you are a new car dealer and having investment in hand or planning to invest in car wash business then our expert car wash consultants can help you in building and running a profitable car wash business.

With our car wash rental program you can enjoy almost all the benefits of car wash ownership without any extra stress and you can gain lifetime parts and service warranty.

We love feedback from our clients. Our unique wash programs have been designed through feedback from new car dealers. They provide a combination of minimal risk with maximum value and protection.

We proudly say that we sell best car wash technology with optimum washing results and repeating customers.

5.2D Automatic Car Wash Series

CV Professional Wash Series

Designed Specifically for the new car dealer, for back out or drive thru wash bays, providing top quality wash results.   

Designed specifically for the new car dealer, for back out or drive-thru bays with limited length providing top quality wash results.

A popular choice for the new car dealers, providing top-quality wash and drying results on the same wash system.   

Operator controlled washes for the ultimate in wash quality.    

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