Our Services

Our Services

Brite-O-Matic provides all the shampoo, rinse aids, filter cleaning solutions, replacement of parts, preventive maintenance and labor. There are no hidden or unexpected repair costs or travel charges when equipment is operated under normal use. There is no need to inventory any extra chemicals for the car wash. All our products are contained and locked inside the carwash and replenished monthly by our service techs.

All Inclusive Car Wash Service Agreement:

  • Freight and installation of the car wash
  • Shampoo and rinse chemicals
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Emergency service with performance
  • Backed in writing
  • Replacement parts
  • Service travel time and maintenance labor
  • Scheduled wash replacement with fresh updated equipment

Car Wash Rental Program:

Brite-O-Matic was the industry originator of Car wash rental programs. Our service is second to none. When you rent a Brite-O-Matic car wash, you always deal with Brite-O-Matic. We manufacture, install and maintain our car washes.


Receive benefits of car wash ownership without the headaches and risks

Compare to having key management personnel involved in car wash management, instead of focusing on your main business strategies

No hidden costs – all-inclusive program

Compare closely predictable monthly expenses versus wide ranging monthly expenses

You have an effective lifetime parts and service warranty

Compare to the hidden and unexpected expenses that arise after a short period

Receive benefits of car wash ownership without the headaches and risks

Compare to extra charges to properly maintain equipment

Provides top priority response for emergency service and a performance guarantee in writing

Compare to unknown downtime and potential extended downtime periods

We replace and renew your wash every term for increased productivity

Compare to having wash equipment with old technology, ever reducing wash quality and increasing downtime.

You have more flexibility to change wash equipment as your needs change

Compare to being stuck with what was the need at one point in time

Eliminates the need to purchase, order and store chemicals for a wash system

Compare to concerns over possible theft and waste and inferior wash products