Eco-Friendly Car Washes

Car wash requires a lot of water. Every year there are a hundred million car washes in the USA alone and each wash requires about 300-400 liters of water. Having an eco-friendly car wash system is the need of the time as water shortage is increasing day by day.

Instead of using old car washing processes, which are less ecological, we must shift ourselves to the modern ways of car washing. In this article, I will talk about the most innovative car detailing methods without wasting a single drop of water while respecting the environment.

Old Method

Car washing at home wastes tons of liters of water. Wasted water contains chemicals, detergents, and pollutants that flow into the ground adding more into the ecological problems. At the moment, a lot of car washes have water treatment systems installed to prevent pollutants from flowing into the ground. But controlling water consumption during car washes is still challenging.

To avoid the hundreds of liters of water wastage during car detailing, we will have to find organic means of cleaning cars.

As the problem of water shortage is increasing, companies running car wash businesses are moving into modern eco-friendly techniques using advanced technologies. In this article, I will discuss some advanced methods that will help car wash for new car dealers in satisfying their customers while keeping the environment clean without the use of water.

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New processes

Biodegradable Detergents

In this dry cleaning process, a biodegradable detergent made with essential oils and vegetable wax is applied on the surface of the car. The dirt covered by this detergent is then wiped out using a microfiber cloth. This method will reduce water consumption and will prevent pollutants and other chemicals from flowing into the ground. The same kind of detergent can be used to clean the interior of the vehicle also.

This type of vehicle cleaning method has a few advantages:

  1. It is eco-friendly (No use of chemicals).
  2. The detergent will remove all the dirt.
  3. This method will leave a thin protective layer on the surface of the car and will leave a longer-lasting shine.

Steam cleaning

The main advantage of hot water steam cleaning is the great reduction in the amount of water consumed and the absence of detergents. In addition, the vapor pressure will, by a mechanical effect, take off the dirt from the bodywork without damaging the metal surface (no mechanical and abrasive action of powders under the action of rollers) and infiltrate into every corner. The superheated steam from 2 bars has a temperature of 120 ° C sufficient to ensure complete disinfection of car surfaces.

High-pressure washing and polarized foam

This process consists in charging the vehicle body by friction in the air. The hot and dry cleaning foam is then applied to the vehicle body. After a determined amount of time, the foam is then removed by high pressure rinsing with a minimum amount of water. 45% of water can be saved with this revolutionary method.

Cryogenic washing

Cryogenic washing uses dry ice for cleaning the vehicle. Water wastage is minimum in the method because it uses the sublimation of carbon dioxide.

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