Entry Systems


From simple access control to user tracking capabilities to revenue collection, we can help fill the proper entry system to your needs.

Options include:

  • Code system
  • Token System
  • Credit Card System
  • Personalized fleet card system
  • Combination of systems


  • Heavy-Duty steel cabinet and angled base, finished in enamel, powder-coat painted finish. (Aslo Available in Stainless Steel)
  • LED Accent lights provide excellent visibility during evening and light hours.
  • Sunlight-resistant LCD display for user instructions and prompts.
  • Durable, metal push-button keypad for code input and programming.
  • Standard environmental climate control package with heat-er and cooling fan.
  • Weatherproof card reader for use with credit card and/or third party, fleet, and loyalty card programs. (Not on Key-pad Entry Model)


  • Key Pad Entry

    Cabinet with keypad and LCD screen only with base, environmental package, and portable audit printer.

  • Third Party Card Entry

    Cabinet with keypad, weatherproof card reader, selector buttons, LCD screen, receipt printer, third party card pro-gram, fleet/gift cards, environmental package. Accepts third party card system cards such as Wash gear. Customer comes inside to load card and selected wash deducts credits from the card. One time program purchase is necessary for software.

  • Loyalty/Credit Card Entry

    Cabinet with keypad, bi-directional magnetic stripe card reader, selector buttons, LCD screen, receipt printer, and environmental package. This accepts customer pre-loaded loyalty cards with customer’s name. This also accepts all major credit cards for individual wash, or customer can opt to purchase package at a discount and receive a receipt code they will punch in.